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Clean Conscious OGG Laundry Detergent

Clean Conscious OGG Laundry Detergent

Clean conscious with Organic Girl Gang chemical free laundry detergent. No synthetic chemicals, dyes or fragrances. 

These are just some of the dangers we risk using conventional/store bought laundry detergents.

- Fragrances and dyes added to detergents contain phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can off-gas toxic fumes, especially in hot dryer cycles. This poses inhalation risks.

-Most detergents contain 1,4-dioxane, a carcinogen that can be absorbed through the skin. It's a contaminant from the manufacturing process of certain detergent surfactants.

- Sodium lauryl sulfate is a common surfactant that can be harsh on sensitive skin and cause skin and eye irritation. Prolonged exposure has been linked to allergic reactions.

- Preservatives like formaldehyde-releasing compounds have been shown to be potential carcinogens and hormone disruptors even in small amounts.

- Synthetic colors and fragrances contain hormone-mimicking chemicals like phthalates that have been associated with issues like reduced sperm counts and early-onset puberty.

- Chemicals like phosphates and chlorine bleaches pollute waterways and harm aquatic life. When washed down the drain, these chemicals don't break down easily.

Make the switch for you and your family. Preserving your health, their health and the health of this planet.

  • Return Policy

    All OGG products are non refundable. If you are unsatisfied with your order please email with your concerns and pictures to resove any issues. Thank you.

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