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Sour Seeded Oranges 3lbs

Sour Seeded Oranges 3lbs

*Each order will consist of (3lbs) oranges!* DR. Sebi approved!

Seville Sour Oranges: The Secret to Spectacular Marmalade

Add a taste of tradition to your kitchen with authentic Seville sour oranges! These unique citrus fruits are prized for their:

Intensely tart flavor: Perfect for making classic orange marmalade with a complex, well-rounded bitterness.

High pectin content: Naturally gels for a perfect marmalade set, without tons of added pectin.

Vibrant, floral aroma: The thick rinds boast a powerful fragrance that elevates any recipe.

While too sour for eating fresh, Seville oranges unlock a world of culinary possibilities:

Marmalades & Jams: Seville oranges are the secret weapon behind award-winning marmalades. Their tartness pairs beautifully with sugar, for a perfectly balanced spread.

Baking & Cooking: The concentrated citrus flavor adds a unique depth to cakes, tarts, sauces, and savory dishes.

Candied Rinds: Craft beautiful and delicious candied orange peels for a delightful garnish or homemade treat.

Limited availability! Seville oranges have a short season, so don't miss your chance to experience the citrus that started it all.

Order yours today and create a taste of tradition in your own kitchen!

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