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Sea Moss Capsules - Vegan

Sea Moss Capsules - Vegan

Ensure you are receiving your 92 of 102 minerals your body is made up of at your CONVENIENCE. Sea Moss ensures good colon health, contains a great amount of vitimin C. Supports healthy blood circulation. Supports a healthy weight. Supports healthy lung function. Supports healthy thyroid function. Helps improve bladder disorders. Support healthy skin, hair & nails. Supports the bodies ability to fight off Colds, Flu, COVID-19 & more. Supports joint tissue. Reduce stomach ulcers. Helps the healing of wounds. Helps reduce astmah reactions. Lessens over production of mucus. Promotes rapid healing for scars, scarpes, scabs, cuts, wounds, eczema, psoriasis, acne & burn and so much more.Use Organic Girl Gang Sea Moss capsules to replace your Sea Moss gel AND your daily vitamin supplements. These never expire, they do not need refrigeration and they are so much more convenient for those on- the- go with a busy schedule!These capsules are handcrafted by Havanna -President of Organic Girl Gang.

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